Rivolta means Revolution. A powerful revolution that aims at inspiring you to liberate your most authentic being, in an environment where the sisterhood and solidarity between women empower the individuality of each one. Rivolta is a Latin American lingerie brand that is inspired by female power.

Created by women for women, Rivolta is conceived in the Dominican Republic by a Colombian, a lover of the pieces that make her feel her inner power, and is made in Colombia, the mecca of the quality lingerie design. The result? Garments that potentiate the inner strength of those who wear them. A combination of quality, excellence and textile expertise, mixed with the beauty and sensuality of the female gender and the desire to strengthen the union between women.



Jessica Espitia was born in Colombia and currently lives in the Dominican Republic. Despite being a lawyer, one of her greatest passions is fashion, so during the pandemic she decided to start the creation of a lingerie brand that shows her more feminine side: Rivolta. 

Prior to launching her brand, Jessica worked hand in hand with government entities in her country and learned about the work of women in Colombian prisons who made handicrafts and clothing. Seeing the support given to these women made her want Rivolta’s manufacturing to take place in Colombia, working closely with entrepreneurial women of her country in order to support the local economy.

The founder repeatedly affirms that she loves feeling like a woman and that her main inspiration for creating the brand’s pieces comes from the women she has lived with throughout her life as well as the vision she has to empower them through her collections and the narrative behind the brand. 

Jessica is a natural innovator, so as part of her business strategy, she seeks to implement artificial intelligence features on the brand’s website that let online shoppers virtually try on the pieces. In addition, in order to help create a better world for women, Rivolta will have a social responsibility program, which will help women in a state of vulnerability, particularly those who are deprived of liberty.